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Lotus' Bowen on exam deadlines, changes and 'cheaters'

Last month's Lotus Live Series webcast featuring Barbara Bowen, Lotus' worldwide certification program manager, was a huge success, so we've asked her to return to answer more of your questions about the world of Lotus certification.

Last month,'s Lotus Live Series webcast featured Barbara Bowen, Lotus' worldwide certification program manager. Barbara was unable to answer all of your questions during the one-hour webcast, so she answered the remaining questions offline. Here, Barbara addresses issues from exam deadlines to exam "cheaters" and new exams. Stay tuned for her next certification webcast on May 8, 2003 on "IBM cross promotional certification."

Barbara Bowen
There is a way to upgrade from PCLP R5 Apps Dev to ND6 Apps Dev, but not for Sys Admin. Why?

Bowen: There is a way to upgrade to PCLP in SA for ND6, it is just not available yet. A survey of your peers determined that Configuring Domino Web Servers was the new principal elective for ND6 System Administrators. The exam for this is currently under development.

I am currently a CLS, and I want to pass the R5 CLP exam. How long do I have before the exams are obsolete?

Bowen: There are no plans to discontinue the Release 5 exams. Generally, we run two releases of certification at the same time, so it will be quite some time before we discontinue the Release 5 exams.

I am new to the certification program. Can you outline the benefits of going with R5 or R6, and if I were to consider a CLI, which would you recommend starting with?

Bowen: It's always better to have more skills than less. This makes you more marketable. So we suggest starting with Release 5 and moving to 6. Then you will have skills in both areas and can take jobs for either. The additional investment is minimal.

How long will the beta exams be offered?

Bowen: If you are asking about the Collaborative Solutions beta exams, we are taking registration until March 15. For the Notes Domino 6 beta exams, we will be taking registrations through April 30.

Any news on ND6 SA PCLP elective?

Bowen: It's currently under development. No firm date yet but watch CLiPpings for the announcement.

There are a number of differences between Notes applications and Web only applications; On the R5 exams, is it clear what the question is referring to, because the help documentation is lacking in this area.

Bowen: The exam guide that is linked [on the certification Web site] to the ND6 Admin upgrade appears to be an R5 exam guide. Yes - this was an error. We fixed this when it was brought to our attention.

Has the 520 exam been pulled for some reason? I just got a cancellation for a confirmed registration. Can you explain?

Bowen: A CLP reported to us that a copy of the exam -- complete with correct answers -- was posted on an Internet certification cheating site. We confirmed this and also found pockets of people who got 100% on the exam in less than 7 minutes, which is not possible. So our only choice was to pull the exam from the market and rewrite it. We did not announce this because we were working to get the exam pulled from that site. We were successful in getting it removed from that site. The new version of the 520 exam will be available as of March 14. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I am new to the Lotus Certification path, and am considering going for my CLI. Where would you recommend that I begin, with the R5 or R6 track? And what benefits would there be in going with the R5 track?

Bowen: It's always better to have more skills than less -- this makes you more marketable. So we suggest starting with Release 5 and moving to 6. Then you will have skills in both areas and can take jobs for either. The additional investment is minimal.

What is the exam code for R6 CLP Development update?

Bowen: Exam number 601 is the Notes Domino 6 Application Development Update exam.

If you are certified in R5, is there a deadline to take the R6 upgrade exam?

Bowen: There is no deadline for taking this exam.

How can I study for a CLP exam for "Administrator" when I only do databases?

Bowen: We suggest that you partner with a Lotus Authorized Education Center for courses and lab time.


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