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Joining forces: Lotus and Microsoft can work together experts weigh in the Lotus and Domino vs. Microsoft and Exchange fistfight. Or is it a fistfight? Can the two powerhouses play nice? Make your own decision from these expert responses.

Michael Lazar
Debbie Lynd
Chuck Connell
Scott Lemieux experts weigh in on the Lotus and Domino vs. Microsoft and Exchange fistfight. Or is it a fistfight? Can the two powerhouses play nice? Make your own decision from these expert responses. member: Hello, Michael. I need a way to transition from Lotus Notes e-mail to MS Exchange (that is, move the mailboxes). I heard there is a MS-supplied utility to do this, but am unable to determine its efficacy. Any ideas? Thanks!

Michael Lazar: You'll have to use the MS tool for it. That is the only way to migrate. I have heard good and bad stories about it.

Editor's note: The tool is called the Exchange 2000 Migration Wizard and comes with the Exchange 2000 Service Pack CDs. See the following Microsoft articles to get a grip on the Wizard:

Dana member: I'd like to interconnect my MS Exchange 5.5 with Domino 6.0. I'd like this gateway/connector to support messaging, calendaring, scheduling, free-time lookup and directory. What solutions are available?

Debbie Lynd: There is the Microsoft Notes connector for Exchange, which works with Domino 6 according to a few people (I haven't tried it).

SearchDomino member: Please tell me the tips for migration from Exchange to Domino 6. Do you have a checklist handy?

Michael Lazar: I would simply run the utilities that come with, and it should be fine. Lotus also has a "Move2Notes" feature that can assist you. expert: Hi. I am helping my user to do research as to whether to use Lotus Notes or Access for her database, reports and forms. I'm trying to compare the two in terms of portability, scalability, security, ease-of-use, maintenance cost, training cost and set-up costs. I've been looking into Web sites for security comparison with Access but couldn't find any. Can you help?

Chuck Connell: This is a tough question, for two reasons.

  1. Notes and Access are both large products with many features. The answer to your question depends on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, what kind of data is being stored, how much data there is, how you want to present or process the data, where you users are (in one building or around the world), etc.

  2. In general, Notes and Access are not considered similar products. Notes can be used as a database system, but is not primarily designed for this purpose. It is really collaboration/groupware for distributed users. member: I need to migrate my client e-mail system from Exchange 5.5 to Lotus Notes 4.6. Can you direct me or give me some instruction on how to migrate MS Exchange 5.5 to Lotus Notes 4.6?

I have been searching IBM and search engines to look for similar topics. Are there any free tools that can do the job?

Michael Lazar: There is a tool available with the R5 & Notes 6 administration client. It is very basic and can do the job. For a more robust and automated tool, see Binary Tree's Web site. They make migration tools for all products. member: How do I export all information or records or documents from Lotus Notes to Excel?

Scott Lemieux: The most common way, although quite painful, to export Notes documents to MS Excel is by exporting from a Notes View. Start by creating a Notes View that contains all the documents (via the Selection Formula) and fields (as columns) that you would like to export. Once the View is ready you can use the File-Export option. This is where it gets even uglier... you now have to play around with the different options available. Unfortunately, Lotus still (i.e. in N/D6) only offers Lotus 123, Structured and Tabular Text as export file formats. Depending on the number of documents in your View the choices are further limited.

There are several products on the market that provide better (but more costly) solutions to this problem. Search for others and compare, but there's one option to take a look at here. member: I am a Lotus Notes developer. When one of our clients installed Domino, a problem occurred in a port. The error message said that port 80 is already in use. Since MS Exchange Server is already installed and assigned port number 80, the conflict occurs.

Please let me know how to assign another port number to the Domino server.

Michael Lazar: This is easily accomplished in the server document. Under Ports, Internet Ports, Web, simply change the HTTP port. If you use SSL, that port can also be changed.

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