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Part 1: Lotus' Leland answers your Designer 6 questions

Lotus' Maureen Leland answers questions left over from her Domino Designer 6 webcast.

Maureen Leland recently featured a Lotus Live! Series webcast with IBM/Lotus' lead Domino Designer 6 software architect Maureen Leland. She wasn't able to answer all of your questions during the live webcast, so she answered them offline. To view the webcast archive, click here.

What sources are allowed for the Data Connections Resources for relational data? Specifically, does it support Oracle tables? And how is the connection set up?

Leland: Yes, Oracle (7 & 8) tables are supported, as well as DB2, Sybase, ODBC, and OLE DB. You do need to have DECS running on your server to use this feature. But if you do, then you can create a data connection resource (DCR) as a design element under Resources. You choose the kind of relational data (Oracle, etc.), and then provide general information about the connection (username, password, table name, etc). Then on a form, you make use of the DCR where you can actually browse the relational table to choose either key or data fields and provide the mapping to Notes fields.

How do you change the field color as demonstrated in your presentation?

Leland: If it is the kind of field that can have a border, you first select the border style on the second panel of the field infobox. If you place a hidden field (of type Color) on the form called $BorderColor, that field will determine the colors of all the fields on the form that have borders (including comboboxes and listboxes!). Text color in a field is chosen in the text panel for the field, and if the field has a border, there is an option on that panel to also change the background panel.

Can you clarify the use of the color field? When would I want to use one?

Leland: You would use a color field anywhere you want the user to be able to choose a color. It returns the user's color selection in hex RGB format, so you could then use their selected color in another object.

Can you use the R6 Designer client against R5 templates without creating problems for R5 clients?

Leland: This is not recommended, but we have done a lot of testing to be sure we are backwards compatible. However, using a newer Designer makes it very easy to use new @functions not available in R5 or other new features, so tremendous care still needs to be taken to do this. It is possible, but not recommended.

Can Web users customize their views?

Leland: No, not at this time.

How would one attach to an agent at the immediate start of the run if it needs to be running before we attach? Will STOP at the start work to do this?

Leland: In the server doc., there is a timing parameter pausing the agent for X seconds before it starts running. You can use that to attach. You can specify an enormous amount of time like 30 seconds. STOP will also use that time parameter to wait as well.

Are there any plans to allow users with less than Designer access to view the agent log?

Leland: This will be investigated for the next release.

Can fields be created as needed instead of having to define them in the form from the beginning?

Leland: Through script, items can be added to a note at runtime, but I am not aware of any way to create an actual field.

If I create a folder in the database and store design elements in it, would it be seen by other developers?

Leland: No, these folders are stored in the individual user's bookmarks, allowing them to be completely personal.

Can graphs be plotted on the fly on the client?

Leland: Not with any Notes-supplied components.

Is kiosk mode supported in ND6?

Leland: While kiosk mode has never been an officially supported feature, all known issues with it were fixed prior to shipping 6.

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