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Part 2: Lotus' Leland answers your Designer 6 questions

Here are more answers to your questions from's recent Lotus Live! Series webcast with IBM/Lotus' Maureen Leland on Domino Designer 6.

Maureen Leland
Here are more answers to your questions from's recent Lotus Live! Series webcast with IBM/Lotus' Maureen Leland on Domino Designer 6. To view the webcast archive, click here.

Will Lotus Notes include methods and properties of Microsoft Office Suite?

Leland: Do you mean to ask "Will the property pane show the methods and properties of controls in the MS Office Suite?" Then yes, as we will expose the methods of properties of any properly registered OLE control.

Can we programmatically convert back-end Rich Text into HTML?

Leland: No, the API for this is not exposed.

Can you now edit Rich Text in both Notes and browser clients without loss of formatting?

Leland: Some, though not all of the formatting issues have been addressed, so Rich Text editing in 6 is improved.

Do Web users lose data on tabbed tables or is data retained?

Leland: Editing content within tabbed tables on the Web will lose data, so this is not recommended.

Are you going to add Web services functionalities to Domino? And do you see the need to program the Notes client interface with Java?

Leland: Web service support is under investigation. As for Java, I think it is more important to extend JavaScript support for the Notes client than to provide more Java support for the client.

Does the Rich Text Lite field work the same way over the Web?

Leland: No, it does not.

For formula subscripting, what is the index origin: 0 (like Java and LotusScript) or 1?

Leland: The index origin is 1 in formula language.

Can we use the date picker on the Web?

Leland: No, not in release 6.

Will we have a capability for multiple-select attachment uploads on the Web?

Leland: This is not available with Domino 6, but it is being investigated for the next major release.

Are there still two possibilities (the odd-looking HTML one and the one based on an applet) for the implementation of action bars in Web apps?

Leland: Yes, these are the two ways to render action bars on the Web in Domino 6.

Can you search the whole code of a database in one search instead of just one element at a time?

Leland: Not at this time. Though I believe there is a tool up on the Lotus Developer Domain sandbox to do so.

The Mac client is still very slow and inferior to the Windows client. For example, with @Dialogbox, on the Mac, you can't paste into the fields in the dial. Instead of acting as a carriage return, it activates the OK button and closes the dialog box. I've posted this problem on both the R5 and R6 forums and no one will touch it. Consequently, we have many, many frustrated Notes users in our company, including our CEO. Are there any serious plans to improve the Mac client to be on par with the Windows client?

Leland: A lot of work went on in 6 to improve the user experience on the Mac. I have forwarded this comment to the leader of the Mac work.

Have you fixed the problem of InfoBoxes opened in the Notes client interfering with Designer?

Leland: Yes, this is fixed in 6! I'm very happy about that too. :-)

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