A Generic Odbc Error-Trapping Routine

This generic subroutine is able to trap errors for all the ODBC Objects in


If res% = False Then
Call GetODBCErrorInfo (con, qry, resultSet, "Update (Click Event)", "Update")
Call con.Disconnect
End If

Sub GetODBCErrorInfo (con As ODBCConnection, qry As ODBCQuery, _
resultSet As ODBCResultSet, strRoutineName As String, strAction As String)
This subroutine will capture the error in the ODBC objects and displays
the error number code and the extended message format.
--> (1) con - ODBCConnection object
--> (2) qry - ODBCQuery
--> (3) resultSet - ODBCResultSet
--> (4) strRoutineName - Name of your routine where it is called
--> (5) strAction - Action name associated with your script (Optional)

objectError$ = con.GetExtendedErrorMessage(con.GetError)
message$ = "Error in OBDC Connetion Object : " + objectError$

If objectError$ = "" Then
objectError$ = qry.GetExtendedErrorMessage(qry.GetError)
message$ = "Error in ODBC Query Object : " + objectError$
End If

If objectError$ = "" Then
objectError$ = resultSet.GetExtendedErrorMessage(resultSet.GetError)
message$ = "Error in ODBC ResultSet Object : " +
End If

If strAction <> "" Then
msg$ = "Error in subroutine : " + strRoutineName +"." + Chr$(10) + _
"Action : " + strAction + Chr$(10) + _
"Error : " + message$ + "."
msg$ = "!!!Error in subroutine : " + strRoutineName +"." + Chr$(10) +
"Error : " + message$ + "."
End If
Msgbox msg$, 48, "ODBC Error Handler"

End Sub
This was last published in November 2000

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