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A Script To Copy One Document To Another, Including Richtext Items And File Attachments

When you forward a document to a person, the contents of that document
(including file attachments) render correctly. However, when you try to do the
same programmitaclly through a formula or a script, you might get into
problems, especially with file attachments.

Below is a script I use which takes care of the problem.
The script below is self-explanatory.

Sub CopyAllDocItems(Source As notesdocument, dist As notesdocument)

Dim rtitemA As Variant
Dim rtitemB As Variant

Forall i In Source.items
ItemName =
If Not = "$FILE" Then 'Takes care of where
there is an attachment in RTF fields
If i.type = RICHTEXT Then
Set rtitemA = Source.GetFirstItem( i.Name)
Set rtitemB = New NotesRichTextItem ( Dist, i.Name )
Call rtitemB.AppendRTItem( rtitemA )
Set notesItem = i.CopyItemToDocument( Dist, i.Name )
End If
End If
End Forall

End Sub

One possible use of this script is to mail a copy of a document to several
people at the same time through an agent which contains statement such as (in
meta code):

get a list of recipients in RecipientsList
set current document as docA
For all recipent in RecipientsList
Create new document instant as docB
Call CopyAllDocItems(DocA, DocB)
Set DocB.To = Recipient
send DocB
end loop

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