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Add User To Group

' This sub adds a user to a group, but does it in a way
' that allows very large groups. Because Notes stores group members in
' text lists, and text lists can have only 15K bytes in them, simple groups
' are limited to around 1000 members. To have more members than that,
' the group must be broken into a number of other groups, which are
' then referenced as members of a master group.
' This sub handles all of that complexity. The group name passed in
' is the name of the master group, and this sub will handle the creation
' and populating of the sub-groups as needed. The sub-groups will
' be named by appending numbers to the master group name, and will
' have slightly more than 10K bytes of members in them.

Sub AddUserToGroup( Byval fullname As String, Byval group As String, nab As
NotesDatabase )

' Load up our static groups view

Dim groups As NotesView

Set groups = nab.GetView( "Groups" )

Dim groupMainDoc As NotesDocument
Set groupMainDoc = groups.GetDocumentByKey( group )
Dim saveGroupMainDoc As Integer
saveGroupMainDoc = False

If groupMainDoc Is Nothing Then
Set groupMainDoc = New NotesDocument( nab )
groupMainDoc.Form = "Group"
groupMainDoc.ListName = group
groupMainDoc.Members = group & " 1"
groupMainDoc.GroupType = "0"
Call groupMainDoc.ComputeWithForm( False, False )
saveGroupMainDoc = True
End If

Dim groupMainMembers As NotesItem
Set groupMainMembers = groupMainDoc.GetFirstItem( "Members" )

' Find last subgroup entry in the members list

Dim subGroup As String
subGroup = ""
Forall s In groupMainMembers.Values
If Left$( s, Len( group ) ) = group Then
subGroup = s
End If
End Forall

' Open the subgroup, and keep trying until we find one with room

Dim groupNum As Integer
groupNum = 0

' Which subgroup was the last one
If subGroup <> "" Then
groupNum = Val( Right( subGroup, Len( subGroup ) - Len( group ) - 1 )
groupNum = 1
subGroup = group & " 1"
End If

Dim groupSubDoc As NotesDocument

Set groupSubDoc = groups.GetDocumentByKey( subGroup )

If groupSubDoc Is Nothing Then
' Create a new subgroup document
Set groupSubDoc = New NotesDocument( nab )
groupSubDoc.Form = "Group"
groupSubDoc.ListName = subGroup
groupSubDoc.GroupType = "0"
Call groupSubDoc.ComputeWithForm( False, False )

' Add it to the main group if needed
If Not groupMainMembers.Contains( subGroup ) Then
Call groupMainMembers.AppendToTextList( subGroup )
saveGroupMainDoc = True
End If
End If

' See if the subgroup still has room, if so, we've found our subgroup

Dim groupSubMembers As NotesItem
Set groupSubMembers = groupSubDoc.GetFirstItem( "Members" )

If groupSubMembers.ValueLength < 10000 Then
Exit Do
End If

' If no room, try the next one

groupNum = groupNum + 1
subGroup = group & " " & groupNum

' Finally: add the user to the subgroup
Call groupSubMembers.AppendToTextList( fullname )
Call groupSubDoc.Save( False, True )

If saveGroupMainDoc Then
Call groupMainDoc.Save( False, True )
End If

End Sub

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