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Addendum to Multiple Embedded Views in a Browser

This is an addendum to "Multiple views in a browser" in the searchDomino tip archive.

This is an addendum to "Multiple views in a browser" that I saw in the tip archive. I've found the easiest way to include multiple embedded views on a form/page/etc, was to create the initial element, add the view you wish to display and grab the parameters for the Java-created view applet.

 <FORM> <APPLET NAME="view" CODE="lotus.notes.apps.viewapplet.ViewApplet.class"
CODEBASE="/domjava" ARCHIVE="" ALT="View" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="96"> <PARAM NAME="cabbase" VALUE=""> <PARAM NAME="Database" VALUE="Test.nsf"> <PARAM NAME="ViewName" VALUE="Main"> <PARAM NAME="PanelStyle" VALUE="LINE_BORDER"> <PARAM NAME="BrowserVendor" VALUE="Microsoft 4"> <PARAM NAME="ViewUNID" VALUE="3443584AEE162D2F85256B370065AA5B"> <PARAM NAME="ShowScrollbars" VALUE="FALSE"> <PARAM NAME="Expand" VALUE="TRUE"> <PARAM NAME="bgColor" VALUE="FFFFFF"> <PARAM NAME="cache_id" VALUE="85256B370065F34F"> <PARAM NAME="locale" VALUE="en-us"> <PARAM NAME="IconPath" VALUE="/icons"> </APPLET> </FORM> To have multiple views, copy and paste the Applet code to wherever you would
like to have the second embedded view and change the following parameters: <PARAM NAME="Database" VALUE="Test.nsf"> <PARAM NAME="ViewName" VALUE="Main"> <PARAM NAME="ViewUNID" VALUE="3443584AEE162D2F85256B370065AA5B"> <PARAM NAME="cache_id" VALUE="85256B370065F34F"> These parameters determine the view's name, UNID, Db name, and Cache ID. The remaining parameters can be modified based on your preference: <PARAM NAME="PanelStyle" VALUE="LINE_BORDER"> <PARAM NAME="ShowScrollbars" VALUE="FALSE"> <PARAM NAME="Expand" VALUE="TRUE"> <PARAM NAME="bgColor" VALUE="FFFFFF">

In the example I provided, I set up my embedded view using the default settings, additional parameters will appear based on the options you select while embedding the view.

Note: for formatting, it is probably best to use a table.

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