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Agent Run on Server Tool

This tip describes an Agent to run on Server Tool.

I put together this utility agent for testing and running other agents on the current DB's server. The agent gets the list of agents in the db, sorts them by name, presents the list of alphabetically sorted agents, runs the selected agent on the server, and then provides a message box letting you know if the agent ran successfully or not. I did not create the quicksort routine and, unfortunately, I can't find the name of the person responsible for creating it.

Dim session As NotesSession
Dim ws As NotesUIWorkspace
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim agenttorun As NotesAgent
Dim values() As String

Sub Initialize
 Set session = New NotesSession
 Set ws = New NotesUIWorkspace
 Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
 title$ = "Agent List"
 prompt$ = "Pick an Agent"
 defaultvalue$ = ""
 count% = Ubound(db.Agents)
 Redim values(count%) As String
 Forall agents In db.Agents
  values(agentcount%) = agents.Name
  agentcount% = agentcount% + 1
 End Forall
 Call quicksort(Lbound(values),Ubound(values),values)
 selectedagent = ws.Prompt( prompttype%, 
title$, prompt$, defaultvalue$,values)
 If Cstr(selectedagent) <> "" Then
  Set agenttorun = db.GetAgent(Cstr(selectedagent))
  If agenttorun.RunOnServer = 0 Then
   Messagebox "Agent ran",, "Success"
   Messagebox "Agent did not run",, "Failure"
  End If
 End If
End Sub
Sub quicksort (l As Integer,r As Integer, arrayelts As Variant)  
 Dim m As Variant
 Dim i As Integer
 Dim t As Variant
 Dim j As Integer
 If r > l Then              'If there's nothing to sort, jump out
  m = arrayelts(l)      'Initialize boundaries, nominate a 
value to sort
  j = r
  i = l
  While (i < j)         'Repeat until i and j "meet in the middle"
   While (arrayelts(i) <= m And i < r)  'Push in the boundaries 
while data is sorted
    i = i + 1
   While (arrayelts(j) > m)
    j = j - 1
   If i < j  Then   'If there is data between i and j something 
is out of order - swap it
    t = arrayelts(i)
    arrayelts(i) = arrayelts(j)
    arrayelts(j) = t
   End If
  t = arrayelts(l)       'Swap the nominated and bottom values - 
why we came here
  arrayelts(l) = arrayelts(j)
  arrayelts(j) = t
  Call quicksort (l, j - 1, arrayelts)  'Recurse and sort data either 
side of upper bound
  Call quicksort ((j + 1), r, arrayelts)
 End If
End Sub

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