Alert Or Reminders For Message Crazy Managers.

This agent may save you time from sending reminders or alert messages out to
people in your company. Put this agent in your mail database or elsewhere for
specific functionality. Any message that you are used to sending out on a
regular basis should be automated if possible. You can even use this to let
your manager know each week that you are working on your timesheet or weekly
status report and will get that into them shortly.

If you would like to receive a generic database with the agent described above
(you can copy & paste into your mail template); e-mail me.

- Michael Cunningham
import lotus.domino.*;

public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase {

public void NotesMain() {

try {
Session session = getSession();
AgentContext agentContext = session.getAgentContext();

Database db = agentContext.getCurrentDatabase();
'Indicate the view in which you want to find the important document that
should not be overlooked.
View view = db.getView("TheViewYouAreUsing");
'The collection is based off the key value that indicates an important
DocumentCollection dc = view.getAllDocumentsByKey("YourLookupKey");
'Send this to yourself (so you are aware of when/what was sent out and send
to the other interested parties as well.
String mailto = ("Mike Cunningham");
String mailtocustomer = ("Manager1");
String mailtocustomer2 = ("Coworker");
if (dc.getCount() > 0) {
Document mail = db.createDocument();
mail.appendItemValue("Form", "Memo");
mail.appendItemValue("Subject", "Fax Delivery Alert");
mail.appendItemValue("Body", "Please review the 'No Fax Sent' view in the
Fax Central database. The records show at least one fax did not get sent
//mail memo to user specified
mail.send(false, mailtocustomer);
mail.send(false, mailtocustomer2);
mail.send(false, mailto);
} catch(Exception e) {

This was last published in November 2000

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