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Aliasing/multiple domains on a single Domino server

How to have multiple domains on one server

Have you faced the problem of hosting on a server and another domain on the same domino server and providing email addresses on the different domains? Well, one way if ound out to do that was to host the server using the main domain ( For the additional the DNS settings should point to the IP of Specify the Internet address of the user as [email protected] If this option is not available or you would like to provide different aliases, edit the person document User field and add the values as desired.

For ex: the user will be registered as [email protected] To ensure that mails are delivered specify the Internet address as [email protected] To provide an alias such as [email protected] put that entry in the user field of the person document. With a bit of scripting you can let the user do it from his browser as well. I hope that this would be useful.

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