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Appending items to a text field

This tip describes how to append items to a text field with LotusScript.

Everybody is faced with the necessity of appending a text line to a text-field with multiple lines. For this purpose just call the function below.

 Function AddItem(doc As NotesDocument, 
itemname As String, value As String) As Variant
Dim item As NotesItem
Dim z As Integer
Set item = doc.getfirstitem(itemname)
If Not item Is Nothing Then
z = Ubound(item.values)
Redim Preserve itemarray(z+1)
For i=0 To z
itemarray(z+1) = value
Set item = doc.ReplaceItemValue( itemname, itemarray )
Set item = doc.ReplaceItemValue( itemname, value )
End If
End Function

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