Application for queueing non-delivery reports on hub mail server

This agent helps administrators manage the non-delivery report (NDR) process in Lotus Notes.

E-mails with one or more attachments delivered to addresses reaching their size limit threshold usually generate non-delivery reports (NDRs), and the attachment is then sent back to sender. In our Notes environment, this often creates "dead mails," because these mails canot be delivered back to sender and remain in the "" router database. Even these messages can cause the sender to exceed their mail quota threshold (particularly during mass mailings). They also consume the server's disk space and can impact mail routing between servers.

There is no way to set up an option such as "do not attach the attachment to NDR" in Domino. (Nor can you do this in Exchange, without modifying parameters in the OS register.)

To create a procedure for doing this and eliminating this "unwanted feature," I developed an application called NDR queue -- "NDRqueue.nsf" on our hub mail server. The application was created from the standard mail router mailbox template and is stored in the root of this server. I also created rules on this server (tab "Rules" in "Servers-Configurations-Configuration" document). This rule was defined thusly: "When message contains "NonDelivery Report" form and it contains more than 0 attachment then move this message to "NDRqueue.nsf" database."

I also created a triggered agent named "Manage NDR" which is launched automatically after creating or modifying a document in these databases. By our server settings, the agent runs every 30 minutes, but it could be less. This agent searches for unprocessed documents and deletes all embedded objects from them and moves them back to the mail router. The final NDR message sent to mail sender (during my tests) was only 1.7 KB instead of the original message's 3.7 MB.

This scenario could be used also for several hub servers in cluster. Each server needs to have this one application (NDR Queue). This application could be created as replicas of each other too. I am able to provide a template of this application.

The ACL was set up to manager access for all members of "Notes Admin" group and to manager access to local server. Default access is depositor.

Any comments or suggested improvements are appreciated.

Sub Initialize 
        Dim session As New notessession 
        Dim db As notesdatabase 
        Dim spam As notesDocumentCollection 
        Dim spamDoc As notesdocument 
        Dim rtitem As Variant 
        Dim object As NotesEmbeddedObject 
        Dim richStyle As NotesRichTextStyle 
        Set richStyle = session.CreateRichTextStyle 
        Set db=session.currentDatabase 
        Dim mailboxDb As New NotesDatabase
( db.Server, "" ) ' if you have more than 
one it is better to use '' 
        Set spam=db.UnprocessedDocuments 
        Set spamDoc=spam.getFirstDocument 
        While Not spamDoc Is Nothing 
                Set rtitem = 
spamDoc.GetFirstItem( "Body" ) 
                If ( rtitem.Type = RICHTEXT ) Then 
                        If Not Isempty
(rtitem.EmbeddedObjects) Then 
                                Forall o In rtitem.EmbeddedObjects 
                                        If (( o.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT )
 Or ( o.Type = EMBED_OBJECTLINK ) 
Or ( o.Type = EMBED_OBJECT )) Then 
Call rtitem.AddNewLine( 2 ) 
richStyle.NotesColor = COLOR_RED 
richStyle.FontSize = 10 
richStyle.Bold = True 
Call rtitem.AppendStyle(richStyle) 
Call rtitem.AppendText( "Attached file 
(object) '" & o.Source & "' has been deleted...") 
Call o.Remove 
End If 
  End Forall 
  End If 
If spamDoc.HasEmbedded Then 
 Forall i In spamDoc.Items 
  If i.Type = ATTACHMENT Then 
Set Object = spamDoc.GetAttachment( i.Values(0) ) 
  Call Object.Remove 
 End If 
 End Forall 
 End If 
 spamDoc.FailureReason = 
spamDoc.FailureReason(0) & 
"!" 'Mark processed record 
spamDoc.Processed = "1" 
  Call spamDoc.Save( True, True ) 

 Call spamDoc.CopyToDatabase( mailboxDb ) 
' copy only if there is NDR with attachments 
                End If 
                Call session.UpdateProcessedDoc( spamDoc ) 
                Set spamDoc=spam.getNextDocument(spamDoc) 
        Set spam=db.unprocessedSearch
        If spam.Count > 0 Then 
                Call spam.removeAll(True) 
        End If 
End Sub

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