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Archive All Documents Excepting Conflict Documents And Their Parent(S)

I had a requirement to periodically archive all documents in a view to a backup
database and delete those archived docs. from the current database.

The trick was that the users wanted all documents to be archived excepting
Replication/Save Conflicts documents along with their parents. The users wanted
the final authority to decide which among the conflict document is the winner
and that they should be able to do at any time.
Assume you have a view (View 1) which shows all documents with the view
property 'Show Response documents in a hierarchy' enabled. This will display
all documents and their responses, including Conflict documents as responses to
their parent(s).

Here is what we do :

Create a view 'View 2' which will only show the parent documents including the
view selection formula :

!@IsResponseDoc(not to display response documents)

Then create an Agent 'Archiving Agent' which runs on all documents in View 2
and insert this piece of script in it.

Sub Initialize

Dim db As New NotesDatabase( Server, SourceDbName )
Dim ArcDb As New NotesDatabase ("", ArchiveDbName)
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim PrevDoc As NotesDocument
Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim currentResponse As NotesDocument

Dim view As Notesview
Set view = db.GetView( "View 2" )

Dim Conflict As String

' Set the doc and prevdoc pointers initially to the first document in the
Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
Set prevdoc = view.GetFirstDocument

' Loop until EOView
While Not ( doc Is Nothing )

Set collection = doc.Responses
Conflict = "NO"

If collection.count > 0 Then

Set currentResponse = collection.GetFirstDocument
Do While Not ( currentResponse Is Nothing )

' Scan and ensure none of the responses are conflicts
For j = 1 To collection.Count
Set currentResponse = collection.GetNthDocument( j )
If currentResponse.HasItem("$Conflict")
Conflict = "YES"
Exit For
End If

' If there are no Conflicts in the collection
If Conflict = "NO" Then

For j = 1 To collection.Count
Set currentResponse = collection.GetNthDocument(
j )
Call currentResponse.CopyToDatabase( ArcDb )
Call doc.CopyToDatabase( ArcDb )

Exit Do
End If


Call doc.CopyToDatabase( ArcDb )
End If

Set doc=view.GetNextDocument (doc)
If Conflict <> "YES" Then
Call prevdoc.Remove(True)
End If
Set prevdoc = doc


' Messagebox "Display your Message here", MB_OK, "Archived Documents"

End Sub

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