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Archive Log.nsf automatically

This tip describes how to archive Log.nsf automatically.

Usually, log.nsf contains 7-14 days activities (setup is in notes.ini). If you want to keep all the activities (after 7-4 days) in the log file, setup the archive agent that runs on the server...


  1. Right click on the log.nsf database, select "Database" -- " Properties".
  2. Click on "Archive Settings.."
  3. In the "Advanced" tab, select "Automatically on server..."
  4. In the "Basic" tab, entry after X days..and select the directory where you want the a_log.nsf to be stored.
  5. Edit the "server program" in the PAB (names.nsf)..
    *Program Line=ncompact.exe
    *Command Line=log.nsf -A
    (Remark:letter "A" much be uppercase)
    *Enable the Schedule to run each day...


  1. Minimize the file size of log.nsf (i.e. reduce the time for consistence check on log.nsf after server restart..)
  2. All the events and activities can saved as long as you want automatically.

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