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Assign a string to JavaScript variable with instances of double quotes

This tip shows you how to assign a string to a JavaScript variable with instances of double quotes.

This tip shows you how to assign a string to a JavaScript variable with instances of double quotes.

It took me two days to think of a solution to how I can convert the value of XML parsed by an XSLT code, and assign it to a JavaScript variable to be of data type string. Normally, JavaScript will return an error if you do that this way:

var sample="<xsl:value-of select="alt"/> "

It will return an error because the outside double quotes will be terminated when the XSLT code returns a value that contains double quotes. To resolve the problem, I assigned the value returned by the XSLT code to a DIV tag, accessed the value of the DIV by assigning an ID and then accessed the innertext of the DIV tag using JavaScript.


<xsl:for-each select="//CompanyLogo/LogoLeft/Image">
<DIV ID="logoleftAlt" style="display:none"> <xsl:value-of 
select="alt"/> </DIV> </xsl:for-each>


<Script Language="JavaScript">
var leftImg = new Array();
var rightImg = new Array();
var leftAlt = new Array();
var rightAlt = new Array();
                var ctr1=0;
<xsl:for-each select="//CompanyLogo/LogoLeft/Image">
leftImg[<xsl:number level="any" count="CompanyLogo"/>] 
= "<xsl:value-of select="src"/>";

if (logoleftAlt[0]==undefined){
                           var content=new String(logoleftAlt.innerText);
                           leftAlt[<xsl:number level="any" 
count="CompanyLogo"/>] = logoleftAlt.innerText;
                        } else if (logoleftAlt.length-1>0)
{                            var content=new String
                           leftAlt[<xsl:number level="any" 
count="CompanyLogo"/>] = logoleftAlt[ctr1].innerText;

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