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I have seen a recent tip on how to delete dead mail in with script code, but this is much simpler.

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I just saw a tip on how to delete dead mail in with script code, but this is much simpler.

- Open the database properties box on
- Go to the Space Savers tab.
- Check "Remove documents not modified in the last <90> days".
- Instead of "90", enter any number of days after which any documents in will be automatically deleted.

When "Remove documents not modified in the last <90> days" is unchecked, only deletion stubs are deleted automatically. When checked, any documents in are deleted after the number of days entered.


I tried to use this tip, but I couldn't find the Space Savers tab on the database properties tab. However, when I went to the replication setting tab, I could see the above specified tab. How do I enable the above feature?

—Mangala R.


Yes, the Space Savers tab is found on the database's Replication Settings. To have old documents deleted automaticaly, simply add a checkmark to the "Remove documents not modified in the last xx days" option. For example, if you select 7 days, any documents in will automatically be deleted when they are 7 days old.

The "Remove documents not modified in the last xx days" option is available in any database. Be cautious, however -- if you enter "0 days" all documents in the database will be deleted.

—Jens Rytter, tip author


The way that deletions occur via Replication settings is not as straightforward as stated. Using an easy example, if you set the purge interval at 15 days, Domino will only delete documents every 1/3 of the days, in this case every 5 days. If you put 60 days, documents will only get deleted every 20 days and so on. Remember that when the 1/3 interval is reached, it will delete documents not modified after the stated days.

—Steven V., 10/7/05

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