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Avoiding Replication Conflicts

A replication conflict occurs when the same document is edited on two or more
different replicas of a database. Suppose one person edits and saves a document
on his laptop, and meanwhile someone else edits and saves her copy of the same
document. When these people replicate, Notes has a problem, because there are
now two changed versions of the same document. Notes has no way of knowing
whether one version is the "right" one to keep, or whether they should be
combined. To avoid losing data, Notes keeps both copies and identifies the
conflict in the view with a black-gray diamond and the words "[Replication or
Save Conflict]."
To aviod this situation, "Merge Replication Conflict" should be checked in
the form properties. Again this will merge only the replication documents only
if there are changes in different fields in the document. If a single field
contains different data in the replication documents, then this has to be done
manually copying data from one to another and deleting one document.
Instead of doing this manually, a scheduled agent can be written which
checks for the replication documents.

A replication conflict document will contain a field "$conflict". Based on this
information the agent can find the documents, compare the fields and update in
a document and delete the remaining documents.

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