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Backend And Frontend Classes Made Easy

I wrote this code because I hate having to dim all of the notes classes all the
time. Specialy when you have 5000 lines of code.

This class is easy to use and makes it a lot easier to work with the Notes
front and backend classes.

I actualy use this class in all my other classes.
I call and set the backend class and then use it to work on documents etc.
'Paste this code in your Declarations section
Class NotesClassBasics
Public View As NotesView
Public UIDoc as NotesUIDocument
Public Doc As NotesDocument
Public Session As NotesSession
Public db As NotesDatabase
Public Item As NotesItem
Public dc As NotesDocumentCollection
Public Server As String
Public DBName As String
Public ws As NotesUIWorkspace

Sub InitFrontEnd
Set ws = New NotesUIWorkSpace
Set session = New NotesSession
Set db = Session.CurrentDatabase
Set UIDoc = ws.CurrentDocument
Server = db.Server
End Sub

Sub InitBackEnd
Set session = New NotesSession
Set db = Session.CurrentDatabase
Server = db.Server
End Sub
End Class

'Paste this code in your events box
Dim Basics as NotesClassBasics
Set Basics = New NotesClassBasics

'Set the backend
Call Basics.InitBackEnd
'Set the frontend
Call Basics.InitFrontEnd

'Using methods/properties
Print Basics.Session.CommonUserName
Print Basics.Server

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