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Bringing MailRule documents back into view

MailFile documents may disappear from the Tools -> Rules view when upgrading your Lotus Notes Domino version. Learn the steps needed to make them reappear.

MailRule documents often disappear from the Tools->Rules view. This can happen after upgrading MailFiles from one Lotus Notes Domino release to a newer version or while replacing the structure of a MailFile. This tip shows -- step-by-step -- how to make MailRule documents visible again.

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  1. Go to the Lotus Notes Welcome page (Bookmark.nsf).
  2. Press Ctrl/Shift and click on Mail to open your MailFile and all hidden views.
  3. Open one of the view's names, for example: ($VIMxxx).

  4. In the mail menu, go to View -> Search this view.
  5. In the Search for field, enter the following query:
    Field Form = "mailrule" 
  6. Click Search.
  7. All MailRule documents that had disappeared should reappear.

  8. Double-click on each document to open them.
  9. Double-click on any opened document to place it in "Edit" mode.
  10. Press Esc to close the document.
  11. Click Accept to save the document.

All missing MailFile documents should appear in your Tools ->Rules view.

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