Calculating number of working days between two dates

Here is a simple, small formula for finding working days between two days (i.e. days excluding holidays and weekends.)

A simple small formula for finding working days between two days (i.e. days excluding holidays and weekends.)

Steps followed:

1) Holidays are populated from a view named holidays;

2) date range arrived by exploding;

3) Holidays in the date range replaced with null value , resulting in all days in the range except the holidays;

4) Next step is to remove all weekends ;using @weekdays and removing 1's and 7's(sun=1 and sat=7)
*FROM and TO are two date fields*

FIELD holidays:=@Dbcolumn("":"NoCache";"";"Holidays";1); FIELD dateRange:=@Explode(@TextToTime(@Text(FROM)+"-"+@Text(TO))); FIELD wkgDaysWithWE:=@Weekday(@TextToTime(@Trim(@Replace(dateRange;holidays;NULL)))); @Elements(@Trim(@Replace(@Text(wkgDaysWithWE);"1":"7";NULL))); OR use this one liner ;-) @Elements(@Trim(@Replace(@Text(@Weekday(@TextToTime(@Trim(@Replace(date
This was last published in June 2002

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FIELD holidays:=@Dbcolumn("":"NoCache";"";"Holidays";1);
FIELD dateRange:=@Explode(@TextToTime(@Text(Start)+"-"+@Text(End)));
FIELD wkgDaysWithWE:=

@Transform( dateRange ; "variableName" ;

finalDateList := finalDateList + @If( @Weekday(@TextToTime(@Trim(variableName)))=1:7 ; "" ;

@If( finalDateList = "" ; "" ; ",") + variableName )

The Formula above provides the actual list of dates minus weekend and holiday dates.




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