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Calling Javascript From Formula Or Lotusscript

JavaScript can be called from formula code or LotusScript, by using @URLOpen()
or NotesUIWorkspace.URLOpen() respectively.

This is done by prefacing JavaScript code in the URL with the word
"javascript:". In the code below, the same JavaScript prompt is produced using
both formula, and LotusScript.

In addition to being able to access JavaScript from other Notes languages, you
could access a Java applet using LiveConnect via JavaScript. The end result
could be Java code executed via LotusScript or formula, a powerful feature
// In the JS Header.
function greetUser( strUserName ) {
alert( "Hello, " + strUserName + "!" );

REM "Formula code, behind a buton.";
@URLOpen( "javascript:greetUser( '" + @Name( [CN]; @UserName ) + "')" );

'LotusScript code, behind a button.
Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim n_session As New NotesSession
Dim n_uiws As New NotesUIWorkspace

Call n_uiws.URLOpen( "javascript:greetUser( '" & n_session.CommonUserName
& "')" )
End Sub

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