Catch an image input type in a Notes form

This tip describes how to catch an image input type in a Notes form.

If you've ever built a form to catch a user's posted HTML form, you have probably seen the error "Error 404 HTTP Web Server: Item Not Found Exception."

Normally this means that you have to create a named field on the receiving form to catch the item. However, in the case I recently ran across, the user created an image to trigger the form submit, and coded an input image type.
<input type="image" name="trigger" ....>

In this case, the form will not be satisfied with an item named "trigger". This is because the input tag creates a client image map to allow the mouse click, and also sends back the x & y coordinates.

So for this simple luxury on the html form you need the following fields on your form:

 <form name="form2" method="post" action="/receptacle.nsf/poll?createdocument"> <table> <tr> <td> <div align="center"><b>Quick Poll</b></div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p> Did you find the information you were looking for on our site? <br> <input type="radio" name="radiobutton" value="Yes">Yes <input type="radio" name="radiobutton" value="No">No <input type="image" name="trigger" src="btn_submit.gif" border="0" width="39" height="19" align="absmiddle"> <input type="hidden" name="PollName" value="Did you find the info you were looking for?"> <input type="hidden" name="returnurl" value="http://host/url"> </td> </tr> </table>

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