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Change Notes Server Time without restarting server

I am located in Australia and we recently came out of daylight savings time last weekend. I had a checklist to go through on the first working day in office to ensure that all the Domino/Notes servers had the correct time coming out of daylight savings (which is less by an hour). We had some servers still showing the incorrect time as the checkbox in the NT time zone settings for daylight savings was not ticked and the changes were not affected. Changing the time at OS level (NT Time) did not change the time on the Notes Server.

A server restart would have resolved this; however, since we are not allowed to restart the production server unless it is for scheduled maintenance we had to look for an alternative solution. This is what I did:
(We are running R4.6x servers and the steps are based on R4.6 clients)
* Launch the Notes Client on the affected server
* Click on File - Mobile - Edit Current Time/Phone...
* Change the time to the correct settings in the following dialogue box and check the box for Daylight savings
* Click OK
* Close the Notes client
Now the server will show the correct time and no re-start of the service was required. Also ensure the daylight savings settings are correct at the NT OS level.

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