Chapter 18: JavaScript and embedded objects

Get an introduction to what is possible with embedded objects when using JavaScript.

Embedded objects a natural complement to the limited capabilities of scripting languages like JavaScript. They offer the means with which you can expand the capabilities of your pages to include advanced processing, network and multimedia tasks.

Web browsers provide the bridge that facilitates communication between JavaScript and embedded objects. They support Java applets and ActiveX controls and/or Netscape plug-ins.

JavaScript can interact with all forms of embedded objects to some degree. Typically, object handling the embedded content is addressable under the Document object (as its ID or Name). When embedding content, it is recommended to write cross-browser scripts capable of interacting with both ActiveX controls and plug-ins.

This chapter from the book JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, by Thomas Powell and Fritz Schneider, serves as an introduction to what is possible with embedded objects in JavaScript.

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