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Check attachment size before doc is saved

This tip describes how to check attachment sized before doc is saved.

Use the following code in the Querysave event to prevent saving a document that exceeds size limits you want to impose.

To avoid getting an extra prompt to save the document when the limit is exceeded, you'll either want to use the formula "@If(@Command([FileSave]);@Command([FileCloseWindow])" or use a hidden, editable "SaveOptions" field on the form, with a default text value of "1". If you use the SaveOptions field, then enable the "fieldsettext" calls in the script below.

Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim totalSize As Long

Set uidoc = ws.CurrentDocument
Set doc = uidoc.document

Call uidoc.refresh(True)
Dim rtitem As Variant
Dim embedObjs As Variant

Set rtitem = doc.getFirstItem("Body")
embedObjs = rttem.embeddedObjects
totalSize = 0
dim oneMB as long
oneMB = 1048576

If Not Isempty(embedObjs) Then
 For i = 0 To Ubound(embedObjs)
  totalSize = totalSize + embedObjs(i).
  If embedObjs(i).filesize > 2 * oneMB 
     Msgbox("Your attachment '"  +
embedObjs(i).name +"' is " +Cstr(Round
     (embedObjs(i).filesize / oneMB,1)) +"    
mb. The limit is 2.0 mb.")
     continue = False
     'Call uidoc.fieldsettext
   End If

 If totalSize > 4 * oneMB Then
    Msgbox("Your total attachment size is " 
+Cstr(Round (totalSize /
    oneMB,1)) +" mb.  The limit is 4.0 mb.")
    continue = False
    'Call uidoc.fieldsettext("SaveOptions","0")
  End If
End If

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