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Cleaning up database white space

Cleaning up database white space

From "Managing Server Disk Space with the R5 Domino Administrator Client," by Dwight Morse, which originally appeared in the July/August 1999 edition of The View .

When a document is deleted from a database, the space that document occupied no longer contains any data, but itself is still used by the database. This is called "white space." If another document is created, it will use that white space, but only if it can fit into the space available. White space tends to accumulate in databases where a lot of documents are deleted.

One way to retrieve disk space is to check how much white space is being used by each database, and then to run the COMPACT utility on those databases that have the most white space. To find out how much white space a database has, open it up in the Domain Catalog, and look under "General Database Information, Database percent used." The inverse of "Database percent used" is the amount of white space in the database.

If you want to look at all your databases sorted by Database percent used, you can use Domino Designer to create another view. Simply sort this view on the DBPercentUsed field of the Domain Catalog Main form. (As you probably have already surmised, you can create a view that is sorted by any field of the Domain Catalog Main form.)

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