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Compare field values

You can use this class to compare field values between two documents.

You can use this class to compare field values between two documents. I use this in an application where I need to update existing documents with data retrieved from an XML file. From the XML file I create temporary documents and then compare the temporary documents with their equivalent live document. I need to update fields that have changed. The usage example is:

Dim udd As New compareFieldValues

Forall fields In doc.Items
     Set it1 = doc.GetFirstItem(fields.Name)
     Set it2 = srchdoc.GetFirstItem(fields.Name)
     If udd.updateField(it1, it2) Then
srchdoc, fields.Name
     End If
    End Forall 
  Code: Class compareFieldValues
 Private h1 As String
 Private h2 As String
 Sub New
 End Sub
 Sub Delete
 End Sub
 Public Function updateField(item1 
As NotesItem, item2 As NotesItem) As Integer
  updateField = False
  If processField(item1.Name) Then  
'some fields should not be processed
   'get a hashed representation 
of the field value
   h1 = hashItem(item1.Values)
   h2 = hashItem(item2.Values)
   If h1 <> "" Then  'the new document
 must have a value in the field, if not ignore it.
    If Strcompare(h1, h2, 5) <> 0 Then 
 'if they are different then update them
     updateField = True
    End If
   End If  'h1 <> ""
  End If
 End Function
 Private Function hashItem 
(tmpStr As Variant) As String
  Dim tmp As Variant
  'produce a hashed representation 
of the field value
  tmp = Evaluate(|@Password
("| + tmpStr(0) + |")|)
  hashItem = tmp(0)
 End Function
 Function processField 
(fieldname As String) As Integer
  processField = True
  Select Case fieldname
  Case "UNID", "Attachments", "Form" :
   processField = False
  End Select
 End Function
End Class

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