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Configuring job/dept title in mail Type-Ahead

Configuring job/dept title in mail Type-Ahead

Have you ever had the problem where you have two or more individuals in the Name & Address Book with similar names (i.e. Joe Bloggs and Joe J Bloggs) and users can't determine which person they should be mailing to? Here's a fix:

Determine how you want each individual to appear with their (Job/Dept.) title (call this 'Type-Ahead title').

Open each of the Person documents in turn. Insert the new 'Type-Ahead title' into the FIRST element of the Username (FullName) field value and save the document(s). This might display the field value as follows:

     Joe Bloggs (Notes Dept.)        <<new entry>>
     Joe Bloggs/IRL/EUR/Acme
     Joe Bloggs

Once the various views have re-indexed themselves in the NAB. When a user selects to send Joe Bloggs a new mail, the new 'Type-Ahead title' will automatically appear in the appropriate field of the mail. Thus, allowing the sender greater certainty as to whom the mail receipient(s) will be.

Note: As a result of altering the Fullname field value in this fashion. Please note that whenever this Joe Bloggs user is added to a group or ACL, the 'Type-Ahead title' will be assigned. Thus, to avoid any future problems, if Joe Blogg's 'Type-Ahead title' value needs to be altered in the future (i.e. moves to another Dept. etc.). Ensure that another of this user's Fullname values is represented in the groups/ACLs instead; i.e. Joe Bloggs/IRL/EUR/Acme

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