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Control email forwarding, avoid spam loop

This tip on forwarding e-mails to another account will prevent users from getting caught in a spam loop.

This tip on forwarding e-mails to another account will prevent users from getting caught in a spam loop. I used a profile to store the forwarding address. This allows the end user to control the forwarding function by simply providing or deleting a forwarding address. I used an external function Implodes from my library which provides the same functionality in LotusScript as @Implode. This is necessary if your users have a client earlier than R6. I added the addressing information to the bottom of the Body field and deleted it from the original fields.

Sub Initialize
      Dim session As NotesSession
      Dim db As notesdatabase
      Dim docMail As notesdocument
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim docProfile As NotesDocument
      Dim cAddress As String
      Dim rtItem As Variant

      Set session = New NotesSession
      Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
      Set docProfile = db.Getprofiledocument("EmailProfile")
      If docProfile Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
      cAddress = docProfile.EmailForwardTo(0)
      If cAddress = "" Then Exit Sub

      Set doc = session.DocumentContext
      Set docMail = New NotesDocument( db )

      doc.CopyAllItems docMail, True
      docMail.From =  doc.From(0)
      docMail.Principal =  doc.From(0)

      Set rtItem = docMail.GetFirstItem( "Body" )
      rtItem.AddNewLine 2
      rtItem.AppendText "From: 
" & Implodes( docMail.From, "," )
      rtItem.AddNewLine 1
      rtItem.AppendText "To: 
" & Implodes( docMail.SendTo, "," )
      rtItem.AddNewLine 1
      rtItem.AppendText "Cc: 
" & Implodes( docMail.CopyTo, "," )

      docMail.SendTo = cAddress
      docMail.CopyTo = ""
      docMail.BlindCopyTo = ""
      docMail.Send True
End Sub

Public Function Implodes
(sVals As Variant, delim As String) As String
    'Concatenate the values 
of the array into a single string
      On Error Goto ErrHandle
      Dim tstr as String
      If Isempty( sVals ) Then
            Implodes = ""
            Exit Function
      End If
      tstr = ""
      If Isarray( sVals ) Then
            For i = Lbound( sVals ) To Ubound(sVals)
                  If tstr <> "" Then tstr = tstr & delim
                  tstr = tstr + Cstr( sVals(i) )
            tstr= Cstr( sVals )
      End If

     'Return the imploded string
      Implodes = tstr
      On Error Goto 0
      Exit Function

End Function

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