Converting Word Document To Html

This function will convert the specified sSourceFile to HTML format and
if successful, output the resulting HTML to the specified sHtmlFile

Note: This function requires Word 97 / 2000 to be installed on the host machine

Function ConvertToHtml(sSourceFile As String, sHtmlFile As String) As Integer
Dim sExtension As String
Dim vApp As Variant
Dim vDocument As Variant

ConvertToHtml = False

sExtension = Lcase$(Right$(sSourceFile, (Len(sSourceFile) - Instr(1,
sSourceFile, "."))))
Select Case sExtension
Case "doc"
Set vApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
vApp.Visible = False
Call vApp.Documents.Open(sSourceFile)
Set vDocument = vApp.Documents(1)
Call vDocument.SaveAs(sHtmlFile, 8&)
Call vDocument.Close
Call vApp.Quit
Set vApp = Nothing
ConvertToHtml = True

End Select

End Function

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