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Cool Id File Examine And Server Availability Smart Icons

Very Cool SmartIcons and admin apps that go with them.

In the process of administering Domino servers and helping out clients I have
created two SmartIcons that have been very helpful in the admin area. Here they

----Setting up your SmartIcons----
Go to File/Preferences/SmartIcon Settings go to the bottom of the left hand
icon directory and choose one of the blank icons labeled Macro Button and drag
it to the right hand icon directory. Next click on the Edit Icon button and
select the icon that you just moved into the directory.

----ID File Examine----
Modify the description to something like ID File Examine. This will help you
rember what the icon does. Next click on the Formula button and then click on
the Add Command button and find the command AdminIDFileExamine highlight this
and click on the paste button. This will insert the following string into the
formula window @Command([AdminIDFileExamine]) Then click on OK, Done and OK to
save your changes. The next time someone sends you a user or server safe ID you
can click on the ID File Examine Smarticon and see if they sent you the correct

----Notes Ping----
This command uses an executable that was developed to check the availablity of
typical Domino server ports i.e. 1352
Start by downloading the nconnect.exe from Iris at the following URL:
Extract this file into a folder (i.e. d:\Lotus\Domino)
Using the SmartIcons setup info above choose a new icon and modify the
description to something like Notes Ping. Next click on the Formula button and
then click on the Add @Func button and find the command @PostedCommand( ) and
modify it to look like this: @PostedCommand([Execute];
"d:\\Lotus\\Domino\\nping.exe") where "d:\\Lotus\\Domino\\nping.exe" is the
location of the executable you are going to launch. Then click on OK, Done and
OK to save your changes. The next time someone tells you that they can't get to
the Notes server click on your Notes Ping icon and pick from the list of
servers to ping and you can quickly tell them the availability of the Domino

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