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Copy ACLs Between DBs

This DB allows for copying the ACL from one database to another, including all roles and role assignments for entries. This code prompts for the name of a local database for both saource and destination.

It can easily be modified to remove any entries in the Destination DB that doesn't appear in the Source, as well as changing it to run on servers etc.

Option Declare

Sub Initialize
'This Agent will refresh the design on all specified databases and verify the ACL is configured correctly.
Dim SrcDB As NotesDatabase
Dim DestDB As NotesDatabase
Dim SrcDBName As String
Dim DestDBName As String
Dim Done As Variant

'Perform Update
Done = False
While Not Done
SrcDBName = Inputbox("Enter the Source DB path and filename", "Source DB")
If SrcDBName = "" Then Done = True
If Not(Done) Then
DestDBName = Inputbox("Enter Destination DB Path and filename","Destination DB")
If DestDBName = "" Then Done = True
If Not(Done) Then
Set SrcDB = New NotesDatabase("",SrcDBName)
Set DestDB = New NotesDatabase("",DestDBName)
If SrcDB.Title = "" Or DestDB.Title = "" Then
Messagebox "Could not get one of the DBs"
Call ConfirmACL(SrcDB,DestDB)
End If
End If
End If

End Sub
Sub ConfirmACL(SrcDB As NotesDatabase, DestDB As NotesDatabase)
Dim SrcACL As NotesACL
Dim DestACL As NotesACL
Dim Entry As NotesACLEntry
Dim NEntry As NotesACLEntry
Dim Roles As Variant
Dim TRoles As Variant
Dim Found As Variant
Dim I, J As Integer

Set SrcACL = SrcDB.ACL
Set DestACL = DestDB.ACL

Call SyncACLRoles(SrcACL,DestACL)

Set Entry = SrcACL.GetFirstEntry
While Not(Entry Is Nothing)
Set NEntry = DestACL.CreateACLEntry(Entry.Name, Entry.Level)
NEntry.CanCreateDocuments = Entry.CanCreateDocuments
NEntry.CanCreatePersonalAgent = Entry.CanCreatePersonalAgent
NEntry.CanCreatePersonalFolder = Entry.CanCreatePersonalFolder
NEntry.CanDeleteDocuments = Entry.CanDeleteDocuments
NEntry.IsPublicReader = Entry.IsPublicReader
NEntry.IsPublicWriter = Entry.IsPublicWriter
Call SyncEntryRoles(NEntry, Entry, DestACL)

Set Entry = SrcACL.GetNextEntry(Entry)

Call DestACL.Save

End Sub
Sub SyncACLRoles(SrcACL As NotesACL, DestACL As NotesACL)
Dim Roles As Variant
Dim TRoles As Variant
Dim Found As Variant
Dim i, j As Integer

Roles = DestACL.Roles
TRoles = SrcACL.Roles

For i = 0 To Ubound(TRoles)
If TRoles(i) <> "" Then
Found = False
For j = 0 To Ubound(Roles)
If Roles(j) <> "" Then
If TRoles(i) = Roles(j) Then
found = True
Exit For
End If
End If
Next j
If Not(Found) Then
Call DestACL.AddRole(Mid(TRoles(i),2,Len(TRoles(i))-2))
End If
End If
Next i

Call DestACL.Save

End Sub
Sub SyncEntryRoles(NEntry As NotesACLEntry, Entry As NotesACLEntry, ACL As NotesACL)
Dim ACLRoles As Variant
Dim TRoles As Variant
Dim i, j As Integer

ACLRoles = ACL.Roles
TRoles = Entry.Roles

For i = 0 To Ubound(ACLRoles)
If ACLRoles(i) <> "" Then
For j = 0 To Ubound(TRoles)
If TRoles(j) <> "" Then
If ACLRoles(i) = TRoles(j) Then
Exit For
End If

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