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Copy/paste multiple view columns

Everyone needs to know this tip. I stumbled on to it and know there are others out there that are not aware that this now exists!

Ever get frustrated when having to copy columns from one view to another and wonder "Why doesn't Lotus just make it easier to copy multiple columns from one view to another?" Well now, you can!

New in R5 is the ability to cut or copy multiple columns from one view to another.

Just like other windows programs all you have to do is hold shift or Ctrl key (assuming you are on a Windows system) and click to select your columns. Then copy/cut (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X) and then paste (Ctrl+V) them into your target view. All of the columns you move will show up in your target view with he same formula and formatting as the original columns!
No Code for this one - It's THAT easy!

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