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Create A Link To A Network File In Memo

Is your company running into an issue where people are sending messages back
and forth with large attachments and overloading the mail server? I have added
a small addition to the mail memo form that allows the user to create a link to
a file residing on a valid network drive rather than sending the attachment.
When the receiver opens the note, he/she now has a message that shows the link
and an icon that when pressed will open the corresponding application and file.
Create a form with a layout region only. (I called it parameters). In the
layout region, add two fields with a label for each.

For the first field (I called it application.), make it Keyword, editable and
combo. Then add the following to the keyword choices:

C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office\\Excel.exe
C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office\\Word.exe
and so on, depending on the types of links you want to offer.

For the second field (I called it path.), make it text and editable. This will
be used for the user to enter the path and file name they want open.
ex.: e:\directory\wordfile.doc

Now, in the memo form, you can add the following:
Create an action button. (I called it "send a link to a network file.") This
button opens the dialogbox that you created in the previous form.

Under the body field in the memo form, add an action hotspot (I have a pointing
finger.) and add the following code:

@Command( [Execute]; application; path )

This will start the application that the user chose from the dialogbox in the
combobox and open the file that the user entered in the path field in the
dialog box.

I gave a label to the hotspot. (Please open the following attachment: path
(field).) I also hid the paragraph unless there was something in the path and
application fields.

You can add on to this depending on your corp's structure.

Hope this will help someone save some of that valuable server space!

Nelson Cardoso

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