Create a replica stub with Lotus Script

We often have the need to create a replica stub of a database. CreateReplica however will create a new replica and then proceed to replicate all of the data. An often overlooked option is to first disable replication of the database and then create the new replica. Once the stub is created, enable replication and let background replication take over.
Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim replica As NotesDatabase Dim rep As NotesReplication ' We will replicate the current database Set db = session.CurrentDatabase Set rep = db.ReplicationInfo ' Disable replication, only create a database stub rep.disabled=True Call ' Create a new replica Set replica = db.CreateReplica( "", "helpmehelpus.nsf" ) ' Get handle to the new replica's replicationinfo Set rep2 = replica.replicationinfo ' turn the replication flags back on rep.disabled = False rep2.disabled = False Call Call

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