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Create an E-Mail Address for a NAB Group

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Unlike person documents, groups in Domino do not have an associated internet e-mail address. Users outside of your organization cannot send e-mail to a NAB group. This has its advantages, particulary to avoid spammers sending e-mail to the entire organization with a single e-mail address. However, there are other groups that may want to receive e-mail from the Internet. A jobs group, for example, may want to receive resumes from the Internet into each member's inbox. The NAB group name does not have to match its Internet counterpart.

In this example, lets say the NAB group name is "HR - Jobs", and the Internet address we want to map it to is "". To map the group, we need to create a person document. The person document should be filled out as follows:

Basics Tab:
Last Name: Internet Alias - jobs
Full Name: Internet Alias - jobs

Mail Tab:
Mail System : Notes
Forwarding Address: HR - Jobs
Internet Address:

I prefix all group mappings with "Internet Alias", so that I can quickly find them in the NAB.


  • The following tip is inaccurate, at least as far as Domino R5 servers are concerned. You "can" directly e-mail any group in the NAB if you know the name of them. I tested it and it works. There is also a field in the group document in the R5 Directory to give any group an "Internet" address. —Lance Jurgens

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