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Create an RSS feed in Notes/Domino 8 with XML

You can easily create an RSS feed application in Lotus Notes/Domino 8 using these steps. All you need to do is set up your Notes view and use some XML code. Read the full tip now for complete instructions.

I've found a simple solution to develop an RSS feed application in Louts Notes/Domino. The application will push RSS threads to subscribers. The design elements that are included in the application are as follows:

In your Lotus Notes view, the following tags make up the structure of each item/row in the RSS feed:

  1. Item tag
  2. Link tag
  3. Description
  4. Publish date
  5. Author

The idea behind this is to have each document that's created in the Notes view render its values as XML tags to generate RSS feed items. You'll need to make sure that the view property Treat view contents as HTML is enabled.

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This view will be embedded in the page, which will contain the necessary XML tags for an RSS feed document. Make sure that the Content Type view property is selected as HTML and that Render pass through HTML is also enabled.

This application works in Lotus Notes 8 and higher, as well as Internet Explorer 6. The URL to subscribe to this RSS feed would be the URL of the page. For example:
http<://<server name><>/<database file path><>/<page name>>?openPage.

Here are the Lotus Notes view formulas for the item tags:

  • In the first column:
    <item> "Item tag starts"
  • In the second column:
    "<title>"+ <<field name for title> + "</title>"
  • In the third column:
    "<link>"+<field name for link > +"</link>"
  • In the fourth column:
    "<description>"+>"+<field name for description> +"</description>"
  • In the fifth column:
    "<pubDate>"[email protected](<field name for Publish Date>)+"</pubDate>"
  • In the sixth column:
    "<author>"+<field name for Author >+"</author>""
  • In the seventh column:
    </item> "Item tag ends"

The following XML code will appear before the embedded view on the page:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:dc="">
    <title>Test Portal RSS Feed</title>
    <pubDate>Wed, 29 Apr 2009 07:57:33 GMT</pubDate>
    <description>Recent Activity Log for The Test Portal</description>

Finally, insert the following code after the embedded view:


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