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Creating A "Users By Group" View

This view is handy when you need to see a list of the groups to which a given
user belongs. The view works in both Notes 4 and Notes 5. It shows a list of
users alphabetically by last name together with the groups to which they
1. Create a new view from the Groups view: (Create - view...). Name it "Group
Membership." Select the location as appropriate (either private or Users by).
Click on the Copy From button (Options button in Notes 4) and copy the design
from the Groups view.

2. Edit the view as follows: (Note: To edit a private view using Notes 5, first
select it at the bottom of the view list, and select Actions - View Options -

a. Delete the existing left column.

b. Change the Column 1 Header from Group to Names; sorting to Ascending,
Categorized; uncheck the click on column header to sort; and insert the
following column formula:

@RightBack(@Name([CN];Members);" ") +" " +@LeftBack(@Name([CN];Members);" ")

c. Change the Column 2 Header to "Member of Groups" and change the field from
ListDescription to ListName.

That's it!

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