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Creating a certification log database

The certification log database
Rob Kirkland

Setting up your Domino server is a time-consuming task, with many a step. One is the installation of the Certification Log. This tip, from Domino System Administration, by Rob Kirkland, tells how.


The Certification Log is a database in which Domino servers store information about (you guessed it) certifications. All new registrations of certifier Ids, servers, and users are recorder here. All recertifications and renamings are recorded here.

This database has to reside on any server that serves as a registration server or where you request new names. You can maintain nonreplica copies on each server by creating one separately on each server. But the database is more useful if you maintain replica copies on each server, because then each copy retains a record of all certifications throughout the domain. If you ever need to search for information about a certification, you'll appreciate not having to look through multiple, nonreplica Certification Logs. To replicate a single Certification Log to a group of servers, create the database on one server then make replicas on the other servers.

To create the Certification Log, follow these steps:

  1. In the File menu, choose Database, New.
  2. In the New Database dialog box, edit the following fields:
    • Server. Enter (or pick from the list) the fully distinguished name of the server on which the database will be created.
    • Title. Enter Certification Log.
    • File Name. Enter certlog.nsf.You must use this filename.
    • Template Server. The Certification Log template (certlog.nsf) resides only on servers, so if you are not running a copy of Notes or Domino Administrator that shares a data directory with a server, you must change this field from Local to a server's name. Do so by clicking the Template Server button, entering or choosing a server, then clicking OK. The list of database templates will change to show the templates on that server. Scroll through the new list and select Certification Log.
  3. Leave the other fields unchanged. Choose OK when finished. If you have the right to create new databases on the named server (which you should this early in the configuration process), Domino will create the new Certification Log. (Otherwise, it would display an error message.)


    To learn more about Domino System Administration, or to buy this book, click here.

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