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Date/Time of created documents is incorrect

Date/Time of created documents is incorrect. Here's how to fix it.

If you have a Domino Server release 4.x or 5.x on Solaris x86, version 5.6, 5.7 or 5.8.

When you send a mail or create a document, the time or date is wrong (in my case i.e I sent a mail at 8h00 GMT-5 and the mail arrived to target at 15h00 GMT-5..) If you calculate the difference is 10 hours ..!

In Solaris exists the environment variable TZ in this variable set up the Time Zone i.e TZ=GMT-5, the server is running and when you enter sh server, or sh task or whatever, the date and time are correct..!. But if you create or send a document the time of creation is incorrect (it depends in some case of the client's operating system and the time zone and date or time format)

Well, if you can not correct this problem in your client, you have to set up TZ variable to GMT+n (i.e TZ=GMT+5)export this variable to user notes, set up the date and time in your Solaris Server and restart the Domino Server.

In summary the steps are:
In your session:
$ TZ=GMT+n (where n is the local time zone respect GMT)
$ export TZ
$ date mmddHHMM (your current time)
Then, restart your Domino Server.

Note: This tip works when your TIME ZONE is before the GMT (i.e. Ecuador Time Zone is GMT-5) if your time zone is after GMT, you would probe it.

Ramiro Gavilanes

Server over Solaris x86, and the administration client on Microsoft Windows 95, and you are monitoring the mailboxes. Your Notes clients begin to disconnect from server, and display the message "Server is not responding!" or "time out!" or "No route found to server!". The solution is not very good, but it is true and works. You have to down the Administration client, restart the active port (TCPIP for example) or restart the Domino Server.

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