Debugging QuerySave and QueryClose form events

How to avoid skipping over the default LS debugger when debugging the LotusScript QuerySave and LotusScript QueryClose events.

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Ever tried to debug the LotusScript QuerySave and LotusScript QueryClose events? If so, you'll know that the default LS debugger is simply skipped over (very annoying). Therefore, you have to create an action or button, etc. to debug this code (painful).

Instead try this: Simply place the "stop" function at the start of the QuerySaveclose code.

When executed, the event will automatically stop and pass you to the LS debugger. Simply remove the "stop" when you are finished debugging.


If you press the Continue button during (let's say) the Queryopen event, the debugger will not stop at the beginning of other events. However, if a user hits Step Exit instead, the debugger will continue to pause at the beginning of each event. In addition, if the developer is concerned that it might not stop, it's just as easy to set a breakpoint instead of putting in a Stop statement.

ND6 will pause for debugging at the start of each event even if you did use Continue. See Debugging LotusScript for more information.

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