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Deleting Duplicate Documents

There will be many instances when one wants to find the duplicate documents & keep the latest (the most current) of them & delete the rest from the DB. This can be achevied by the following simple agent.

The most current is defined by a field called "AppDate".The unique identifier here is "DocNumber".

Create documents having same "DocNumber"& different "AppDate"s using a form & run this agent. The rest is done.

Big:=@Subset(AllDup;-1)-[01/01/2000 01:01:01AM];
Current:=AppDate-[01/01/2000 01:01:01AM];
@If(Current = Big;"";@DeleteDocument);

--View Duplicate has two columns,the first column is sorted on "DocNumber",the second is sorted on "AppDate"(Ascending order).

Note: This only works when "AppDate" is greater than the given date(01/01/2000).

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