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Deleting Replica Databases From Other Locations

Ever wanted to delete a database stored on several servers in your Domain -
AUTOMATICALLY? It is possible to do it with a little trick.
Follow these steps to delete a database from several servers/locations:

1)You must have Administration Process setup and running across your entire
domain in order for this to work.
2) Register a fake person/ID like you would register an actual ID. Make sure
you create a mail file for them.
3) Once the registration process is done, Edit the person document for the Fake
4) Replace their mail file name with the file name of the database you want
deleted (address.nsf for example)
5)Save the document
6) From your workstation,(NOT the server) delete the Fake user.
7) when it prompts you to delete their mail file, select "Delete mail file
specified in Person record and all replicas". Click OK.
8) This will delete the database specified in their mail file field across the
9) You can then go through explorer to the mail subfolder and delete their mail
file manually.
10) Administration Process will find the file and delete the database for you

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