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Deleting "in use by you or other program" nsf files

This quick tip lets an administrator delete a nsf file via Notes.

If you are trying to delete a .nsf file via notes and it gives you the "Cannot delete as it is being used by another person or program" message, try the following.

Make sure no one is really in the database, then perform a dbcache flush on the console. Immediately after that, rename via OS the .nsf file to a .ntf file and Domino will let go and you can delete it.


Performing a "drop abc.nsf" (yes a file name and not a user name) seems to shake people off it. Then do a dbcache flush and quickly rename the file to a non-Notes name (e.g. abc.bad). I would not rename it to a NTF file or any other Notes supported file extention, as Domino may grab ahold of it again.

—Neeraj J.


All you have to do is close Notes and then delete the nsf file. Reopen Notes and you can recreate the new copy if it's needed.

—Maria J.


This is to clarify the tip a bit more for those who don't understand. This tip was meant for administrators who don't have the luxury of just shutting down or rebooting a server to remove a database. It is not a Notes Client tip.

As well..the only way you Domino will let go of the file is to change it to another Domino extension. If you try .txt or something silly like that, Domino will not let you.

—Phil Jimenez, tip author

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