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Desktop.dsk stored views

This tip describes how to access the desktop.dsk for stored views.

Did you know that the desktop.dsk file is actually a database? If you make a copy of your desktop.dsk (for safety) and rename it to desktop.nsf (or "anything".nsf) you will be able to view its contents like any other database.

This is particularly useful for admin purposes where you may require to extract the private views that a user has locally.

This can also be useful for the user if they find that their desktop.dsk file is getting far too big. The user can delete as many private views as they like (which takes up space) without having to go into every database individually! That is assuming that the databases are still available! NOTE: Be careful not to delete views which become "private on first use" as this will cause you to lose that views functionality entirely in the concerned live database.

It is actually possible to view the desktop.dsk as a database without changing its name, but doing so could be dangerous as Notes is currently in control.

This has not been fully tested and use at your own discretion. Remember that a backup copy is essential.

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