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Detach all attachments with a single click

The following script detaches all file attachments from all mail messages saving them into C:/ReceivedFiles, C:/SentFiles or C:/OtherFiles depending in their original location (received/sent messages or calendar entries). Users can decide whether to remove detached files or leave them in the mail file. Multiple files with the same file name are renamed by adding a "c_" in front of the original file name.

Dim sess As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase     
Dim view As NotesView     
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim rtitem As NotesRichTextItem          
     Dim FilePresent As String             
     Dim FileName As String                 
     Dim sDir As String
     Dim i As Integer
     Dim path As String
     i = Msgbox ("YES = Detach AND Remove" & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "NO = Detach but don't remove" & Chr(13) & _
     Chr(13) & "CANCEL = I was joking, do nothing!",35,"Remove attachments?")          'Ask whether remove attachments or not
'If user chooses CANCEL then exit program      
     If i = 2 Then
          Exit Sub
     End If
'Check for the presence of destination folders and creates them if missing;
     sDir = Dir$("C:/ReceivedFiles",16)
     If sDir = "" Then
          Mkdir "C:/ReceivedFiles"
     End If
     sDir = Dir$("C:/SentFiles",16)
     If sDir = "" Then
          Mkdir "C:/SentFiles"
     End If
     sDir = Dir$("C:/OtherFiles",16)
     If sDir = "" Then
          Mkdir "C:/OtherFiles"
     End If
     Set db = sess.CurrentDatabase
     Set view = db.GetView("($All)")
     Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument     
     Do Until doc Is Nothing
     If doc.HasEmbedded Then          'Checks for presence of embedded objects
               If doc.HasItem("DeliveredDate") Then 
                    path = "C:/ReceivedFiles"
                    If doc.HasItem("POSTEDDATE") Then
                         path = "C:/SentFiles"
                         path = "C:/OtherFiles"
                    End If
               End If
               Set rtitem = doc.GetFirstItem("Body")
               Forall o In rtitem.EmbeddedObjects
                    If ( o.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT ) Then
                         FileName = o.Source                         
                         FilePresent = Dir$(path & FileName,0)
                         'If current filename is already present in the directory then renames the destination file and checks again
                         If FilePresent <> "" Then                            
                              Do Until FilePresent = ""                         
                                   FileName = "c_ " & FileName
                                   FilePresent = Dir$(path & FileName,0)
                         End If
                         Call o.ExtractFile(path & FileName )
                         Print "Extracting " & o.Source
                         'If user pressed YES in the initial msgbox then removes attachments                          
                         If i = 6 Then
                              Call o.Remove
                              Call doc.Save( False, True )
                         End If
                    End If
               End Forall
          End If
          Set doc = view.GetNextDocument(doc)

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