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Detect and fix 'Manager' access control list settings in Lotus Notes Domino

Many Lotus Notes database access control list (ACL) settings are configured by default to "Manager" level. Learn how to detect and fix this permissions issue.

You may be surprised to know that many Lotus Notes database access control list (ACL) settings are configured to a default level of "Manager." Learn how to detect inappropriate ACL levels in your Lotus Notes Domino environment and find out how to fix this security and permissions issue using the Lotus Notes Database Catalog.

Granting someone Manager access to a Lotus Notes Domino database is serious stuff. It's the kind of thing you don't want to do without putting some thought into it, since it obviously gives a Lotus Notes user the ultimate power to mess with documents, change an access control list (ACL), and even delete the Domino database itself.

What would you think about setting up a Lotus Notes database with an ACL whose default setting is set to Manager access? That would be terrible, right? It's literally akin to hanging the keys to your house on your front door, inviting someone to come right in and make breakfast in your kitchen.

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