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Dhtml - Notes View

For those of you that always wanted a Expand/Collapse functionality of a view
on a Browser here is how.
First. This code works with IE4.0 and above, (the Netscape version is under
And with Domino 4.6x
Please follow this steps:
Step 1.
Create view and on the first column place the following code column value event:
"[&LTB>--></DIV>" +
"&LTSPAN CLASS=\'first\' onClick=\'Expand(" + Categories + ")\'>" + Categories +
"</SPAN>&LTBR>" +
"&LTDIV CLASS=\'second\' ID=\'" + Categories + "\'

This column must be categorized.
I'm using the Categories field to categorize my documents, use your own field.
and ...
this code goes on the HEADER of the first column:
[</TH></TR></TABLE><!-- &LTB>]

Step 2.
Create a second column
db := @ReplaceSubstring(@Subset(@DbName; -1); "\\"; "/");
@Text(Date; "D2T1") + " " +
"[&LTB>-->&LTA HREF = \'javascript:openNews(\"/" + db + "/News/" +
@Text(@DocumentUniqueID) + "?OpenDocument\")\' TARGET=\'_self\'>&LTFONT SIZE=1>"
+ Headline + "</FONT></A>&LTBR><!-- &LTB>]"

This column build the contect of the collapsible sections, so you can customize
this as you wish, I'm using my own A HREF because my code is on a frame and I'm
using the _self target.

The selection formula for the view it's your choice, on my example I'm
displaying news documents.

Step 3.
Now you have to create another view, in this case I named the view "News", on
this view include just one column sorted and with the following formula for the
column: @Text(@DocumentUniqueID)

and now the finals steps:
Step 4.
Create the $$ViewTemplateDefault form, or the
$$ViewTemplate for .... form, it's up to you.

Add the $HTMLHead field with the following formula:
"&LTSTYLE>" + @NewLine +
".first {font-family:Verdana; font-weight:bold; font-size:10pt; cursor:hand}"
+ @NewLine +
".second {font-family:Verdana; font-weight:normal; font-size:8pt;
padding-left: 10}" + @NewLine +
"</STYLE>" + @NewLine +
"&LTSCRIPT LANGUAGE=\'JavaScript\'>" + @NewLine +
"<!--" + @NewLine +
"function Expand(secNum) {" + @NewLine +
" if ( == \'none\')" + @NewLine +
" = \'\'" + @NewLine +
" else" + @NewLine +
" = \'none\'" + @NewLine +
"}" + @NewLine +

The @NewLine of the formula sends a Line feed to the browser so you have a much
cleaner HTML code.

The javascript function Expand would do the trick for the Expand/Collapse

I hope this could help !!!
Feel free to contact me for any comments.

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