Disabling the 'Submit' button on a form

With this JavaScript code, you can disable a "Submit" button once a user has clicked on it to prevent the submission of duplicate requests.

To prevent users from continually clicking on a "Submit" button once it has been clicked, which can lead to unwanted results, you can disable the button after users have clicked on that button. In Domino, we can do it by JavaScript, using disabled property of the button. However, even when the button is grayed out, clicking on it still submits the document.

The trick here is to use an extra button which looks the similar to the Submit button. In the sample below, there are two Submit buttons. The extra button is placed next to the original button.

&ltspan id="OK"&gtSubmit Button 
placed here </span>
&ltspan id="OK2" style="display:none">
Extra Submit Button placed here </span>

When the original Submit button is clicked, it should call, among other things, an extra function.


Where the disableButton function is following:

function disableButton(id) {
    var elem = document.getElementById(id);
    var elem2 =  document.getElementById('OK2');
 if (elem) {
  elem.disabled = true;
  elem.style.display = "none";

I hope this helps.

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